Chronology and Periodization of Russian Literature

I. Old (or Medieval) Russian Literature (ca. A. D. 1000-1700) A. The Kievan Period: From the baptism of Grand Price Vladimir I (988 or 989) until the fall of Kiev to the Mongol invaders (1239)
B. The Period of the Mongol (or Tartar) Yoke: From the fall of Kiev to the Battle of Kulikovo (1380)
C. The Early Muscovite Period: From the Battle of Kulikovo to the final defeat of the Mongols at the Battle of the Oka (1480)
D. The Later Muscovite Period: From the Battle of the Oka to the final accession to the throne of Peter I (1696) 1. The Full Flowering of Muscovite Literature: 1480 to the death of Ivan IV (the Terrible) in 1584
2. The Time of Troubles: 1584-1613
3. The Seventeenth Century: The accession of Mikhail Romanov (1613) to the accession of Peter I (the Great)
II. Modern Russian Literature A. The Eighteenth Century (ca. 1700-1820) 1. The Origin of Poetry (1700-1770)
2. The Enlightenment Period (1770-1790)
3. Sentimentalism and Pre-Romanticism (1790-1820)
B. The Golden Age of Russian Poetry (1820-1835)
C. The Rise of Prose (1835-1845)
D. Realism (1845-1890)
E. Modernism (or The Silver Age of Russian Poetry) 1890 to the Revolution of 1917
F. Soviet Literature (1917-ca. 1985)