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Courses taught by Prof. Jahn

Russ 1101/1102

Beginning Russian


Russ 3001

Intermediate Russian


Russ 3421

History of Russian Literature to the Middle of the 19th Century


Russ 1304W

Introduction to Literature: 19th Century Russian Fiction


Russ 1905

Leo Tolstoy and Radical Christianity
(Freshman Seminar)


Russ 3404

Tolstoy in Translation


Russ 3411

Dostoevsky in Translation


Supplementary Materials on Russian Literature


Literary Scholarship 



Tolstoy and Popular Literature


Anna Karenina


The Death of Ivan Il'ich


On-line Electronic Edition of The Death of Ivan Ilich


Annotated Texts of an English Translation and the Russian original of "The Death of Ivan Il'ich" presented side by side


Other subjects


Computer-assisted language learning

Download "Electronic Russian" for use with Nachalo

"Electronic Russian" for Nachalo on line

WebRuss On-line (For use with Robert L. Baker, Russian for Everybody)

Sentences and Russian Conjugation and Declension

Article on "The Role of Computer-Assisted Learning in a
Proficiency-Based Language Curriculum"

Article on "Computerized Presentation and Drill of the Nominal Declensions in Beginning Russian
Language Classes"

Russian by Interactive Television