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Program in Slavic Languages and Literatures
320H Folwell Hall

University of Minnesota
Minneapolis MN 55455

Telephone:  612-625-6557


Office Hours in 320H Folwell Hall during Spring and Fall Semester:

2:30-3:30 and 4:30-5:20 on Tuesdays and Thursdays or By Appointment













A copy of Prof. Jahn's 


Curriculum vitae. 















Russ 1101-1102 Beginning Russian






Computer-aided instruction and drill

 Russian Conjugation and Declension is a set of instructional and drill programs to help you with learning basic vocabulary and expressions and practicing the many changing forms to which Russian words are subject. These are quite old programs, but they can still be used with a program which emulates the DOS computer interface which preceded both the Windows and Mac systems we know today.

You may download these programs, together with instructions on how to use them, here:


If you have a PC running Windows, go here and follow the on-screen prompts.


If you have a Mac computer running Mac OS, go here and follow the on-screen prompts. When the download completes, decompress the folder "RCD for".

Navigate to the folder "RCD for Mac" (that is, the decompressed folder) and open it.

Inside you will find two more compressed folders: "" and "", and one decompressed text document, "read me first.txt".

Open "read me first.txt" and follow the instructions given there to complete the installation of the RCD programs.


















Russ 3421/5421 History of Russian Literature from the Beginning to Dostoevsky

Required readings in electronic form

Karamzin's Poor Liza and The Island of Bornholm

Pushkin's The Stationmaster

Pushkin's The Shot
Pushkin's The Queen of Spades

Gogol's The Nose

Gogol's The Overcoat
Turgenev's Fathers and Sons

Dostoevsky's Poor Folk 


You may click here for a link to a considerably better translation of "The Overcoat" (and different translations of "Poor Liza" and "The Queen of Spades").  However, these translations must be read on line and cannot be downloaded.
















Russ 1304W Introduction to Literature: 19th Century Russian Fiction

























Russ 3411/5411 Dostoevsky in Translation












Russ 3001 Intermediate Russian























Russian Language by Interactive Television

Prof. Jahn has been actively involved in the development and delivery of Russian-language instruction at a distance using interactive television and supplementary technologies such as electronic homework and video conferencing.

A conference paper on this subject by Prof. Jahn is here.



























Computer-Assisted Language Learning Software

The software listed here was developed at the University of Minnesota and is freely available. THESE ARE VERY OLD PROGRAMS AND ARE NO LONGER SUPPORTED. The programs require a PC platform for operation. "Russian Conjugation and Declension" runs under DOS 3.3 or later. "Sentences" runs under MS Windows 3.0 or later. These programs are stored here in compressed form. After downloading to your machine, these files will need to be uncompressed. The "Sentences" programs need to be stored in directories immediately off the root directory of your machine, e.g., as c:\lesson.01\.  More up-to-date programs are located here (to accompany textbook Russian for Everybody) and here (to accompany textbook (Nachalo).
General Information on these programs (computer.htm)

Sentences - Data-Base Editor (

The Sentences Data-Base Editor is intended for teachers of Russian who would like to create their own drills.

The following program modules contain prepared drills best used with the relevant lessons of Robert Baker et al., Russian for Everybody

Russian Conjugation and Declension: Nouns (

Russian Conjugation and Declension: Verbs (

Russian Conjugation and Declension: Adjectives (

Russian Conjugation and Declension: Base-Form Vocabulary (